Made from native NZ wood and other exotic timbers, an

affordable gift for him and her.


- 5 styles to choose from

- A combination of styles using: Rimu (NZ), Eucalyptus, Burnt Ash,

  Jarrah, Kauri (NZ) and Stained Plywood

- Various sizes and upon purchase keyring combination will be

  chosen randomly

- Gift wrapping on request


Style #1 - Stained Plywood, Burnt Ash, Rimu, Kauri

Style #2 - Jarrah, Eucalyptus, Burnt Ash, Kauri

Style #3 - Rimu, Stained Plywood, Eucalyptus, Burnt Ash

Style #4 - Rimu, Eucalyptus, Burnt Ash, Kauri

Style #5 - Rimu, Kauri, Eucalyptus, Stained Plywood

Keyrings - NZ and other exotic timber

Gift Wrapping